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The Move Forward Foundation started in 2014 with the dream to create the ultimate feel good program for teenagers with tough backgrounds. When our founder started to give dance workshops in refugee camps, Nina Schmid felt the need to create something bigger. With Move Forward she is trying to make a fast and effective impact.

The Move Forward Foundation has no office and works only with freelancers. This will keep everyone sharp, motivated and the best ones make themselves indispensable.

Nowadays our Move Forward coaches work in shelters, slums and refugee camps. They become a rolemodel and positive life lessons are learned through dance, basketball, rap and boxing. The focus is still teenagers growing up under difficult conditions.

We made one exception for child refugees. They didn’t agree with our age restrictions and tried to sneak into every Move Forward program. That’s why they made us create a special program for them including joyful games, dancing and boxing.

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Nina Schmid
Founder Move Forward

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