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Our target group deserves the best coaches we can find. If you are a dance, basketball, rap or boxing coach with social work experience, we like to hear from you.

Move Forward coaches will get paid for each workshop and project. We are looking for the right appearance, skills, punctuality and attitude in order to match our teenagers growing up under tough conditions.

If you are a coach outside The Netherlands, only send us an email if your work is visible online on a website or in news publications.

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Move Forward likes to work with experienced event producers. We like the ones that are flexible and do whatever needs to be done in order to make our project a success. If you are used to the role of coordinator or supervisor, our projects will not be a match. But to all adventurous producers, let’s have a coffee.


Visual artists

We like to collaborate with film directors, cinematographers, editors, photographers and graphig designers. Our target group deserves to be portrayed in an epic way. Keep in mind we are a non-profit organization, see our community project as something you want to do besides your commercial work. Make sure your work is visible online before you contact us, so we can get a good impression of your work.

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